BCWBS Affiliate Club Registration Form
Welcome to 2017-18 Wheelchair Basketball Season!
Please fill out the form to register your club as a BCWBS affiliate member for the season (Sept 1, 2017 - Aug 31, 2018).
For more information about the membership, please visit http://bcwbs.ca/about-us/membership.
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1.0   The club understands that only members whose information submitted to the BCWBS as per club membership requirement are covered by the insurance provided by BCWBS.
2.0    The club agrees to submit reports in the timeframe requested by BCWBS to stay as a member in good standing. 
3.0   The club understands that the club membership is only for wheelchair basketball participants in our programs and does not apply to other wheelchair sports such as tennis, rugby and athletics.
4.0   The club will designate a representative to take part in the season start and season end regional club conference call. 
5.0   The club will send one representative, paid for by BCWBS, to the annual regional conference held in Vancouver.
6.0   The club will make the best effort to follow the wheelchair basketball LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development model) and engage in improving its coach(es) to support the club development.
Please select one of the fee options below. *

If you choose a cheque option, the cheque must be received by BCWBS within a week otherwise your club membership will not be valid.

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Thank you for registering your club for the 2017-18 Season.
Please note that you will also need to submit the club members registration form for a proper insurance coverage. 

If you are mailing a cheque, please send it to:
780 SW Marine Dr.
Vancouver BC V6P5Y7

The information provided on this membership enrollment form is collected and maintained by BC Wheelchair Basketball Society solely for the purposes for which it is intended and shall not be used for any other purpose or disclosed without the prior consent of members.  
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