Please submit your BCWBS Affiliate Club - Club Members Registration Form  in a timely manner for your active members to be properly insured. 
This form can also be used to submit additional members through the season.

*Note: This form is for the registered BCWBS affiliate clubs. If you have not registered your club with BCWBS for the season yet, please go to to register first.
Please list your club members, one member per row, seven items in the following order:
1) Full Name, 2) Gender, 3) Age/DOB, 4) Disability Name, 5) City of Residence, 6) Email/Phone, 7) Role.
For the athletes that are an individual member of BCWBS, you can list only their full name and role. *

All items above must be listed for the members to be properly insured. 
For "gender", please select "F" for female and "M" for male.
For "Disability Name", please write a name of the disability or permanent injury, or "AB" for able-bodied.
For "role", please select "A" for athlete, "C" for coach, "O" for official, and "S" for supporter/staff/volunteer.
If you have any note to make regarding the members, please write here.

Thank you for submitting your club members registration form.
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